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I am a passionate dreamer, working to make Ushbus a reality.

`Ball Point Pen Drawing`


`Kitty Drawing`

`I accept!`

`interesting fruit`

`Here is an interesting "cat tree" Sometimes he grows fruit...maybe`

`Matrix character`




`A unicorn`


`Fan-art Mortal Combat`





`This will probably lose because everyone loves the joker, but hey! I get credit!`

`OC love`

`Here is my original character :D maybe not your stereotypical but he is a part of my story!`

`Ballerina tree`


`Black and white Illustration, must have a meaning.`



`Lets do this! :D`

`Kitty Cat Challenge!`


`Simple Dolls`

`I challenge you! Meow! (I don't know what counts as a simple doll so it is ok if you do not accept.)`

`dream Catcher (atrapa sueño)`

`Hurray for crafts!`

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