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The path I chose

By Willow
Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-08-10

Challenge: Willow VS Ushbus


  • Michelle Nguyen 7 Nov 2015

    spooky! nice imagination and well drawn.

  • VedR1109 15 Oct 2015

    Good work.

  • CDtheMoleKing 1 Sep 2015

    Looks so lonely, but I like it :D

  • David Bentley Skinner 28 Mar 2016

    Gives me the chills ! Love it

  • Anonymous 9 Feb 2016

    Pretty pic

  • KateFrankienaBeck 10 Oct 2015

    I really like it ♥

  • tekslus 10 Aug 2015

    wow you've really managed to create lots of emotions and atmosphere in this drawing. Really nice :)

  • sjart 10 Aug 2015

    Well executed drawing with shading and perspective as well. Like your title lovely piece of work

  • SML 10 Aug 2015

    great shading and work with the pencil lines. it really gives me the sensation it's in front of me o.o

  • Rosselc 10 Aug 2015

    I like the use of Perspective, and the shading!

  • Mark Duffy 10 Aug 2015

    Love the depth to this piece

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