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Ushbus and Alistair (Fighting to stay asleep)

By Ushbus
Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-08-30


I have not yet posted a picture of Alistair on this site, but this is some old concept art for Ushbus(the cat). It is supposed to be grainy, I edited it that way and it has nothing to do with the picture quality. This was from my junior year of highschool and I am now a sophomore in college. Ushbus is Alistair's hallucination, but I dont focus the story as much on him as i used to.

Challenge: Oscarlira VS Ushbus


  • silentwolf9876 30 Aug 2015

    Nice, the "graininess" of it gives it a feeling of despair or emptiness or something like that, not sure if that made any sort of sense. Nonetheless, I love it! ^_^

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