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By Ushbus
Type: craft Uploaded: 2015-08-09


Super Sculpey Sphynx Doll! Arms are semi-posable, and legs are semi-posable.

Challenge: Scenestra VS Ushbus


  • dnprostudio Apr 26

    nice sphynxie

  • Eddieblz 16 Aug 2015

    Very nice.

  • czmanga 10 Aug 2015

    creepy for me ! but like the sculpture is nicely well done ! woow these eyes are very scary huuuuuu!!!!!

  • sinammon28 29 Aug 2015

    I like the design, never seen something like it before :D

  • artfan 5 Sep 2015

    good details, big eyes and big ears

  • surealworld 25 Aug 2015

    What can I say? It wasn't a figure of speech when I told you my girl friend is a real sexy bitch.

  • surealworld 13 Aug 2015

    Is this one of those blow up dolls you get at an adult book stores. Blow up doll for people who are into bestiality ? Or is this what you find your Chihuahua doing when you come home from being away on vacation.

  • alsteens 11 Aug 2015

    Nice! Love it~!

  • Mayrecastro 11 Aug 2015

    This is strange, but funny.

  • Anonymous 9 Aug 2015


  • Anonymous 9 Aug 2015

    It is pretty funny

  • S.O.E.W 9 Aug 2015

    well done, really original design!

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