`HA ha ha ha !!!!`




`Let's have fun with this!`


`Let's have fun!`


`the bad guys are scared..`

`Let's have a stuffed animal!`

`I hope a needle felted dog is ok`


`Generally Steampunk robots are neat`


`Just a quick drawing to take up the challenge`


`Just want to answer the challenge ..good luck `

`Internet celebrity`

`Remember the wrecking ball...dear Miley appears to be overtaking utube`

`Mass effect`

`While not specifically Mass Effect, the inspiration is noticable. `


`Might have a quick result for one of us.. Good luck..`


`This is "Devil, Devil I Defy Thee" and is a small loco with its firebox door open at night.`


`Yay! :)`


`The Moon as a balloon`

`Sci fi`

`This is "Walkies" - about the rise of tech, treatment of females in society etc.`

`Shark attack`

`dom!! domm!!! domm!!!! he's comin for ya!!!!`


`my closest to motican lol`


`my tribute to a talented dancer and all round young lady!!!!`


`bitta fun!!!!!`

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