`Portrait =) `


`Silent hill`


`Eric draven`

`The Crow fanart`



`Ice queen challenge`

`ok `

`Landscape Painting`



`Hi - this is Eric the Golden Eagle. Afull size wooden replica that I built and which flies by radio control.Now 27 years old and still going well.`

`Colour pencil portrait =) `


`Just for fun! =) `

`Betta Merman based on my pets`


`The Savage Wendigo`


`She is a great pin up and actress.....Pin her up any day....`


`Tribute to Johnny Depp`

`Signed by celebrity`

`great to share this drawing of a iconic musical legend ...bet you have a good one to...`


`Hi, here's my 'Moon as a Balloon' painted in acrylics with the Moon painted in reflective acrylics.`

`Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance character `

`Dark Crystal: SkekMal vs Rian`

`Glamour girl`

`Beauty is in the eye of the beholder `


`It started with a mouse`


`This is 'Chicken Squadron' Some of them who aren't bred deliberately to be non-fliers can actually fly quite well (but maybe not as well as this -but we never know)`


`Good luck`

`Paint of river please...`

`Painting (water colours on stretched canvas)`

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