`Mortal kombat`

`Truck Scale Model`


`Warehouse Scale Model`

`Mind reader`


`darth vader`

`I accept`

`Desert at sunset`

`Valley at dusk`

`Original Character Design`

`The guy playing Holi. Face fully covered by colors.`

`Ford F-150`

`Scale model art`


`Hording Model by Maadhu Creatives`


`Marine Models By Maadhu Creatives`


`architecture model`

`matt smith`

`Dialysis Machine Model by Maadhu Creatives`

`Muscle Cars`

`An Abstract Vintage Car.`



`Comparing 2 piece side by side`

`Comparing the picture of Qutub Minar on the left and my Sketching on the right`

`Luxury Sports Car`

`Sports Bike - RC 200`

`Summer vibes`

`Enjoying summer vibes on the train journey.`


`Commissar Ralts`

`Bentley Mulliner Bacalar`

`truck model`

`Show Me Ur Work In Progress`

`My work in progress`


`Building Models by Maadhu Creatives`

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