`Fun Halloween.`

`Vampire Blood Moon`

`For fun =) `

`A cute autumn moment`

`Portrait =) `

`Portrait fun...Hope its you DL.. love this Miss m face...`


`Wolf Children`

`Wolf drawing `

`Have a humorous werewolf!`

`movie moment`

`Pet Sematary `

`Portrait =) `

`I dearly would like to see these challenges reduced and will do my best to do that .The points do not matter I have come up against the best on this site and will do it again ,win lose or no draw.......short and sweet................GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and have fun...`


`Felt like dooin a little fishy creation...`


`My tiny character Dung-Bea sitting up in a tree surround by beautiful autumn leaves`

`star wars`

`May the force be with you...`

`Dark drawing =) `

`Here we go`

`Portrait =) `

`Tom Felton from Harry Potter`

`Birds Any painting showing birds in flight`

`I had an idea!!!`

`Bird drawing `

`A quick Magpie Sketch`

`Its a gas`

`It is for this 'Mayan Corn God'`

`For fun =) `

`How about this`

`bond, james bond`

`007 away...`

`For fun =) `

`My characters drawing together.`

`Portrait =)`

`Here we go `

`glamour girl`

`My glamour comes with Angilina !!!! What's yours?`

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