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Ballerina tree

Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-07-13


Acrylic on box canvas, my mind started off with a ballerina but on canvas it took the form of a tree, odd I know, but after I saw what was emerging I just went with the flow.

Challenge: Missus Green VS Ushbus


  • Moca 13 Jul 2015

    It looks amazing and mysterious. Really beautiful!! I know how that is, drawings sometimes seem to have a mind of their own XP

  • The Image Gallery Of Troy 26 Jul 2015

    Great Detail! Awesome line work!

  • Crossoverdude 13 Jul 2015

    omg this is really inspirating me ... srly you gave me a whole landscape idea just with this single tree O.O

  • Darkin Kimiro (AV59) 28 Jul 2015

    is looks amazing et cool

  • Merlina 14 Jul 2015

    Nice work :D

  • Carbon2Tree 14 Jul 2015

    It's cool to see how one idea transitions into another. Starting with a ballerina adds a flow, a twirl almost, to the tree. It's a fun energy. :)

  • Manakeksi 13 Jul 2015

    So beautiful colors and countless details! Good job :)

  • trevorp 13 Jul 2015

    Lovely looking tree. Well done :-)

  • Holt5 13 Jul 2015

    That's some awesome improv - beautiful colors, contrast, everything. Title fits perfectly as well!

  • Anonymous 13 Jul 2015

    amazing *.*

  • Anonymous 13 Jul 2015

    It's very impressive that you are versatile enough to create something out of a different idea

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