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No Sleep

By Ushbus
Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-08-20


"If you hear him playing. Run. Run. Run."- This guy was featured in my 24 hour Ushbus comic challenge as a character in the series. I never came up with a name for him, but if I want him for when I actually make something out of Ushbus, he will need a name. This was done in pen, and the colors were altered. I thought it was interesting how all these different hues and colors could come out of it, because pen to the eye is just one color.

Challenge: RonnyWolf VS Ushbus


  • flecks 28 Aug 2015

    Cool piece, interesting subject matter, would suggest cleaning up the line work a bit, the fur is nice

  • Anonymous 20 Aug 2015

    i think its cool,has a strong mythology feel to it ..the far is done very good to...also reminds me of the minotaur of the labyrinth myth i watched the other day

  • Anonymous 20 Aug 2015

    The hair is beautiful, the horns and the effect on the rings too

  • Anonymous 20 Aug 2015

    the fur looks really good.

  • Anonymous 20 Aug 2015

    very interesting. The fur is done very well.

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