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Welcome I am happy you chose to stop by I love support. Feel free to tell me what you think of my art no matter what i will appreciate it and improve from it. My name is Kyle but you can find me on the web as either Doodle-for-adventure or my classic screen name WWW415 if you see these names anywhere on the web its most likely me Currently working on 2 series the first one The Adventures In Twilight Falls starting the Parkers Mason Leela and Madelyn plus all there friends just a little something ive been developing since 2012 the second series The World Of Dung-Bea Tint Adventures this story is a bout a tiny little wild child named Dung-Bea she was designed by both me and a friend. she meant to be like Tarzan in a senses very primitive. see the world through her little eyes. Deviant Art YouTube Music Channel some cool music edits Ive done are on here:) Random Channel UPDATED Oh And Here I stream here Twitter now a member of Tumblr let me just join them all shall I Meet All My Characters Here (coming soon)

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