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Happy Summer 2023 From The Parkers

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2023-07-01


its here its done the first summer pieces of the year and its the latest ive ever uploaded one of these hopefully next years i will be quicker at this. so for this years summer pieces i wanted this to reflect the summer of 06 Mason would be starting high school Leela middle school and Madelyn her last year of elementary in just a few mouths. here they take yet another vacation up north and for this pic i had them hiking in the woods with Munising falls behind them. for this project i wanted to make it look like a wood carving or engraving of sorts. each character is where some what new looks i like giving them new outfits to define there different age and time frame. here Madelyn is sporting her Dragon-Do merch she most likely just won her first tournament. for Leela i wanted her to have overalls and a bit of braided hair she would be transitioning into her teenage years here. as for Mason hes got his fedora and a green stripped shirt well enjoy summer 2023


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