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Early Morning Slumber The Autumn Cutie

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2022-12-30


when coming up with ideas for the Autumn Cutie stuff this year i wanted to go with an idea that displayed Leela and her friends stopping off for the night to take a rest. here we have them in the bio-luminescent forest of the friendly giants one can be seen in the background. i liked the idea of Leela using Emmet the Scarecrow (Mason) legs to stay warm one leg draped over her back while the other is used as a pillow. now with Mason he the only one not sleeping and i figured because hes a scarecrow he never sleeps. he just full of hay i figured must be some magic that brings him to life what need would he to sleep. i like the idea that Mazzy (Madelyn) sleeps floating in the air and Mark well he will sleep anywhere that will keep him safe. for the trees in the background i was inspired by the redwood trees wanted something with a big massive base. the lighting here is meant to invoke an early morning autumn forest feel with all the plants slowly unglowing as the sun rises well enjoy autumn 2022

Challenge: Doodle-For-Adventure VS Ankita Meher


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