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Imagination Gone Wild Mark and Leelas First

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2022-11-01


well this has to be a ambitious piece for me the idea here is i wanted this to depict Mark and Leelas first adventures this would right after they met. one thing i tried to convey was when Mark took Leelas hand they would enter a whole other world. the left side conveys reality a cardboard fort with plushies and pillows and the right side is Leela imagination a space station for with alien like creatures she calls the oompa doinks in the back there is one of my classic alien ship designs i did back in the early days. interesting detail i added behind Marks head the anniversary date for my characters august 21 2012 well technically its just the date i uploaded the first drawing of my characters to the web. for the outer space sky i wanted an explosion of colors and was inspired by some pieces that did just that. the red and purple guys on the left are meant to be just plushies falling from the trees the tentacles on the right would be from Leelas imagination making those plushies seem real well enjoy 2022


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