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Doodle-For-Adventure's avatar A Little Michigan Pa

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2024-01-11


so recently i took a trip up to Mackinaw City for the yearly bridge walk i did not however have plans to do another drawing with the bridge in the backdrop but here we are. for this project i just used their summer looks from this year as it made since. the rocks and water as well as the bridge where worked from various photos i have taken over the years ive collect a mass of bridge pictures to work from. for this i just wanted to depict something simple with the parkers Leela was an already existing sketch i did so i came up with the idea for Madelyn and Mason later on. first time in years ive drawn Mason crossed armed. now the clouds are interesting they almost resealable the sky box clouds seen in Super Mario Sunshine which in that game are meant to look like a Yoshi head my clouds looking like that was just a coincidence i didn't notices till after i was done. well enjoy summer 2023


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