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Happy Winter From The Parker Siblings 2022

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2022-12-18


Its finally here winter and oh boy do i love it the cold just feels so go as of lately to me. anyway this project for me was quite tough because i had no plans for what i wanted the final piece to look like. but i think this works what we have here is the Parker siblings out sledding i like to think theres this one street in Twilight Falls thats at an angle and during the winter it becomes a great places to sled. now when i was conceptualizing this one i wanted their outfits to be different from previous years seeing as this is them around the winter season of 2003 in the timeline where as last years would have been around 2005. for this i decided to give Mason a jacket similar to what ralphie from a Christmas story wore Leelas wearing a sort of fancy coat with a skirt on it and Madelyn is wearing a leather jacket. the sleds here have both made appearances ones before the wood one 2020 and the brown more plastic one 2016 welp enjoy this snowy piece 2022


  • digitalartwork 28 Dec 2022

    A very delightful 'getogether' of these three little ones. They truly are having a great adventure planning what they are going to do next in the snow. That sled looks mighty handy for some fun and anything else the kids can come up with before they go inside for some hot cocoa and marshmallows to warm up. You have an excellent composition here. An excelent Work of Art that gives off a warm and wonderful feeling with its great design and exceptional color scheme.

    Doodle-For-Adventure 28 Dec 2022

    thanks i try my best to express something awesome with them

  • LocalMed 21 Dec 2022


    Doodle-For-Adventure 21 Dec 2022

    Thanks had a lot of fun making it.

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