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Self taught Germ/Scot/Ita artist


`Yay! :)`

`Hand tribal`


`Movement of Light`



`Let's go :)`


`This is just for fun`

`Eiffel Tower`

`Let's go :)`


`Hello there :)`

`Belatrix from Harry Potter (It doesen't have to be the woman that was in the movie)`

`I love her chara :)`

`Artist's life`

`searching for trash to photograph it :'D`




`Danzig, Poland.`


`hi ! `



`Romantic Photo`

`Will be done.`



`Postcardpicture of a landscape`

`:) `

`Sketch up :)`

`Good luck! :)`

`colored pencil portrait`

`Bring it on :)`

`Just a photograph`

`let's have fun ^.^`

`Animals :) Let's have fun and share art!`


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