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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-04-19


A portrait of a wonderful artist! Graphite and basic coloured pencils

Challenge: NykuT VS lovelyguentah


  • Jan Spicka 1 Oct 2015

    good work. who is it<

  • Jandraws 24 Jul 2015

    Try not to draw every hair there is. Also imagine that parts of face like lips and lids are in fact skin fragments, that have some thickness and lie on som other structures - ball of an eye or teeth. Don't be afraid of stronger contrast.

  • Anonymous 17 May 2017


  • Anonymous 30 Sep 2015

    looks good.

  • surealworld 27 Sep 2015

    Nicely done. I my self am not good at doing portrait. I will stick to my stick figures.

  • ReaperKitten 3 Aug 2015

    Very cool

  • BloodyWolf 31 Jul 2015


  • Platinum Reaper 28 Jul 2015

    very nice hair texture and use of singular colr

  • Friendlyscumbag 6 Jul 2015

    more shading under the nose neck and lips would even out this drawing, good job otherwise!

  • zybiArt 20 Apr 2015


  • NykuT 20 Apr 2015

    nice hair

  • Anonymous 19 Apr 2015


  • Anonymous 19 Apr 2015


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