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By NykuT
Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-04-19


colore pencils and 4B Graphite pencil.... ;)

Challenge: NykuT VS lovelyguentah


  • Clarvius 13 Jul 2015

    oooh so you're italian :o cool ;) i thought she's chloe moretz hahaha she looks like her, pretty ;)

  • Artist Rajesh Arjoon 2 Sep 2015

    breathtaking, beautiful

  • Clarvius 10 Jul 2015

    is it chloe moretz ? nice drawing ! :)

  • SGrahound 29 Nov 2015

    I am so sorry that I have just spammed your page, but your work is beautiful!

  • JPW Artist 23 Aug 2015

    Wonderful work

  • NykuT 10 Jul 2015

    :D ahh no... her is a frend of mine from Moldova, and lives in Italy just like me ;)

  • CptShaw 6 Jun 2015

    2nd Work with colored pencils? Impressive! I plan to try colored pencils myself

  • CptShaw 6 Jun 2015

    WOW! Just beautiful...I need more practice.

  • lovelyguentah 21 Apr 2015

    I must admit, I knew I'm gonna loose this challenge the second I saw this pic. Great Work! I wish I could draw like this but maybe one day I will. Ps: I loooove the eyes!

  • Merlina 19 Apr 2015

    Great job:)

  • Quasar 19 Apr 2015

    love the fine definitions of her hair

  • ♡YamiYugi♡ 19 Apr 2015

    Yugi: The hat looks super real and the shading is enough to define her face, but not too much to make it look bad. Her hair is nice, too.

  • The Answer 19 Apr 2015


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