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Type: photo Uploaded: 2015-06-05


My view in Italy

Challenge: lovelyguentah VS Ragingkittie


  • blvckink 1 Sep 2015

    great view :D great shot

  • hubert perron 14 Aug 2016

    splendide !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TWINS2 11 Aug 2015

    Amazing clouds.. :)

  • W-H-E-A-T 17 Mar 2016


  • doubleU-T-F 3 Mar 2016

    It has something in it, the atmosphere is kinda dark and the line of smoke in the sky that looks like an trail left by some airplane, makes Ur picture something believable and something that makes me think about our life as people cause U captured some moment and lots of our moments good or worse are just fading(like this smoke, but it's something eternal on the pic), cause no matter what We believe, We all live for the future.

  • vi15635 13 Sep 2015


  • montydk 2 Aug 2015

    Nice atmospheric photo.

  • Alexbee42 6 Jul 2015

    Amazing photo! The clouds are beautiful!

  • Dinocanid 30 Jun 2015

    Pretty :3

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