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self taugth traditional artist specialized un pastel, pen and pencil


`Sunset Forest`

`Black pens and fineliners `

`Good `

`Star wars`

`Good luck!!`

`Crocodile artwork`

`Good luck`


`Good luck!`


`Good luck ;)`

`Contrast of shadow`


`show me your frog :) `

`Good luck`

`Disney `


`Básic woman sketch `

`one of the latest`


`I'll answer your whatever with some strange Sonic OC`

`Basic sketch of a woman`

`here it is`

`Fantasy (like mermaids, dragons, elves, and other things)`


`landscape, pastel`


`green `

`Accepted, its a wip `

`Nude, like a basic pose like laying on one's side for example. `

`Accepted `

`Nude woman`

`Have fun! )`

`Woman sketch`

`Let´s see who wins :)`

`Lets see what happens with blue haired woman Just for fun`


`Woman sketch `


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