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Clouds made in pastel (better photo)

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2016-05-24


Drawing made of a cloudy sky, with pastel and an eraser

Challenge: Oscarlira VS Armorwing


  • Crystal Jones 24 May 2016

    Great work ! :) I love it !!! ^^

    Oscarlira 29 May 2016

    Thanks very much Crystal, i appreciate your words

  • Khobe 24 May 2016

    Let me congratulate on your masterful execution of this majestic scene. You have discovered_ 1° the masters' secret power of working on the whole, and 2° the secret power of erasing. I hope you will always and "constantly" rely on them both from this point on. Now you need to keep assimilating this "fine art way" on everything you do, to make it second nature, while building and refining your sense of measurement and proportions. I am so happy you made this gigantic step!!!! Bravo!

    Oscarlira 29 May 2016

    Hey Khobe, i really appreciate your words, to be honest i were too nervous trying this, i tried in the last a couple of landscapes before but then were too bad, i make them with crayons but this one is pastel which i feel confident with, that and the face i did in my past drawings a cople of shaded backgrouns very simple but i liked the result one was in my fennec fox and the other in a dragonfly, then i though to myself why not going for something bigger, now i want to try a a couple of things more, a galaxy and a sunset which is my favorite background, Thanks very much Khobe for always support me to go further my limits.

  • KseniaSh 24 May 2016

    wow, Oscar, it`s great! *_*

    Oscarlira 29 May 2016

    Thanks very much Kseniah, never though it was easier than i though

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