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I am a practising artist who uses faber castell polychromos, prismacolor, alcohol based markers I draw for fun but I do like to hear what people would like to see next If undated they are could be as old as 20 years old(1995)

`Eighth doctor`

`I accept the challenge.`

`Time traveller`

`Starlandia-Ulk kitab`

`Friends portrait`

`Good luck!`


`My sister in her cosplay from Soul Calibur. Good luck.`

`Celebrity tribute`

`Tribute to the King of Rock and Roll`

`comparing 2 drawing of the same character`

`(Top old,bottom new) good luck!`

`Comparison between your work`

`(Top old, bottom new) good luck! `


`Pencil portrait of my friends daughter `


`Good luck `

`Tribute time`

`best wishes & good luck.....`

`Sea monster`

`sea monsters!!!!!!!`

`psycho santa`

`merrrry xmassssss`

`Batman villain`


`Anime fighter`

`i hope we're right`


`here it is`



`Kiss of death`

`Kiss of death (literally) `



`glamour girl`

`Glamour girl`

`Devil girl`

`Devil girl`

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