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I am a practising artist who uses faber castell polychromos, prismacolor, alcohol based markers I draw for fun but I do like to hear what people would like to see next If undated they are could be as old as 20 years old(1995)


`Another to clear the challenge backlog ..loved the Avengers especially Mrs Peel ..Any way here we go again`




`comedy through the ages ..I am the start you will be the latest Good luck but hey another 10 challenge taken...`

`Samurai girl`

`Swords are drawn for a little challenge...`

`Star wars`

`Good luck :-)`


`Humor is the best medicine and this time we need smiles and humor...stickin my neck out with old actors who no body knows but he was a great actor and comedian..soooooo...away we go.....`

`Scream queen`

`Show me your screamer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!`

`Playboy stars`

`the first ever cover girl for playboy Hefs fav girl...`

`T virus`

`Panic Panic panic !`

`Silent hill`



`I think he is robotic hope so anyway...only robotic look alike I have it is in the eye of the beholder....`


`just a passing challenge for fun...this alien can slash I guess...will probably get slashed...`

`Eric draven`

`The Crow fanart`

`Doctor who villains only`

`"bit sketchy but it is a small challenge."..`

`Ice queen challenge`

`ok `


`The Savage Wendigo`


`She is a great pin up and actress.....Pin her up any day....`


`Tribute to Johnny Depp`

`Signed by celebrity`

`great to share this drawing of a iconic musical legend you have a good one to...`

`Glamour girl`

`Beauty is in the eye of the beholder `

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