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  • pencil recreations Mar 12

    HI Jean eye Laser surgery seems to have worked first hurdle over ... And second hurdle prostate cancer is the next, radio therapy starts next week no symptoms and caught early and contained (one hopes) so I will still be a little while working the graphite,get tired easy but its nice to be able to let you know where I am at... old mans disease apparently .will come back to you when its thumbsup...Until then will pop in occasionly and enjoy your art especially your ocean scenes ..Take care ....Later Nev...Love the force and pound of this wave ...

    Jeanpooh Apr 7

    Hi Nev so sorry to hear of what you are going through and the tiredness I cann7nderstand my son was so tired as well from treatments. I live in Australia and if you do, would be a blessing to me to gift you with the painting. I have been away in South Africa the last 6 weeks visiting family. Hence, waiting for my mojo to come back, but nothing as yet. Being back home is hard reminded of my son who I miss fiercely. Believing and praying for a full recovery and a life full of good health going forward

  • pencil recreations Jan 27

    Hi Jean thank you for sharing and yes I am sorry for your loss can only imagine how you feel ...In a way on reflection it's not fair that the younger go first..not sure how we would handle that ..anyways thinking of you...this 2024 has been a little rough for us as we were looking to a quiet start to the year but one does not know what is around the corner ..have one more hurdle to face myself but eyes forward for both of us ...will keep in touch ... oh and yes keep the beauty in your art ...and me art wise we will see..Nev....

    Jeanpooh Feb 9

    Hi there, thanks so much for you kind words and consideration, I really hope the hurdle has passed for you and you experience excessive good health, prosperity in all you out your hand to and peace in abundance. Blessings to both of us

  • pencil recreations Dec 31

    Nice are still producing lovely work Jean...Happy new year catch up later to c you Nev

    Jeanpooh Jan 6

    Happy blessed and healthy New Year to you too, and thank you for your kind comment. Been a bit quiet my side … very reflective my son left this world and the missing him is more intense during this period than the usual day to day moments. I look forward to seeing your creations this 2024

    Jeanpooh Jan 6

    Thanks so much Nev, hope you re happily creating. A blessed healthy 2024 to you too

  • mochimochimoon3 Nov 12

    Very nice!

    Jeanpooh Nov 25

    Again thank you for viewing and commenting on my art

    Jeanpooh Jan 6

    Thanks so much, looking forward to seeing some of your creations, do you do art? Or just and enjoyer either way have a wonderful 2024

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