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A girl who is wandering Faerie and creates fantasy themed art. You can find all of my drawings on at You can also support me on patreon at

`Just for fun! =) `

`I drew a regal queen just for fun ^.^`

`Urban art`

`Urban Magic`

`Beautiful girl drawing. `

`Beautiful warrior girl`

`Surrealism `

`Dancing on surreal dreams ^.^`


`A literally bloody sunset :3`

`A character relaxing`

`Let's have fun relaxing :3`

`Anime =)`

`Anime girl portrait :3`


`Let's have fun with this!`


`Let's have fun!`


`Let's do this :3`


`Let's do this!`


`Let's do this!`


`Let's do this! :3`


`Let's have fun with this!`

`two ocs `

`Two faerie OCs!`

`Clean Character Lineart`

`Nothing like a WIP!`

`fairies, ghosts, nymphs or something else...`

`Let's have fun with this!`


`Breaking away.`

`Cartoon Animal`

`Humans and their anima partners!`

`I try to win this time`

`Let's have fun with this!`

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