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Dancing on Time WIP

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2016-06-29


Here's the lineart of a new drawing! Inspired by the song "Cendrillon" by Kaito and Hatsune Miku I hope you guys like it so far ^.^

Challenge: dbxgokai VS FaerieWarrior


  • ThatCartoonGal 18 May 2018

    This is cute. I love how the line work is clean and clear and the form of the characters are fluid. However, the characters are too far down the page. Perhaps move them up or center them more. Great job nonetheless.

    FaerieWarrior 28 May 2018

    thanks, and it was purposefully done that they were cut off because i also wanted to stress the clock in the top half of the drawing

  • Zampzy 6 Dec 2017

    This is really sweet and elegant. I enjoyed this popping up on my notices!

    FaerieWarrior 11 Dec 2017

    thanks :3

  • Anonymous 27 Jun 2017

    nice :9

    FaerieWarrior 28 Jun 2017

    thanks :3

  • Anonymous 4 Apr 2017

    You have a really smooth lineart!

    FaerieWarrior 11 Apr 2017

    sorry for the late reply, but thanks :3

  • Anonymous 8 Aug 2016

    like it !

    FaerieWarrior 10 Aug 2016

    thanks :3

  • Anonymous 29 Jun 2016


    FaerieWarrior 29 Jun 2016


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