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Heart of the Castle

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2017-05-08


"Pulsing in, pulsing out Purple flames flow through The mechanical Heart That gives life to the magic That is unnatural to this world." This is a drawing for my version of "Beauty and the Beast". There is a short story that goes along with it that was edited by Robert Livingston Short story link: A speedpaint of this drawing will be uploaded to youtube in a few days! If you like my works and want to see exclusive drawings, feel free to become my patron! $1 for sketches, $3 for linearts, and $5 for WIPs!

Challenge: snakedaemon VS FaerieWarrior


  • Anonymous 8 May 2017

    amazing work of color

    FaerieWarrior 9 May 2017

    thanks :3

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