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Pokemon Dark Type Team

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2017-11-02


This is my team for pokemon that is all dark type! My favorite pokemon is Absol so of course I have it on my team in its mega form. I also love umbreon cuz its so cute :3 Hydreigon cuz its a three headed dragon so its awesome! Liepard cuz i love cats :3 Sableye cuz its cool and tricky >:3 Houndoom cuz FIRE PUP! Anyway, I hope you all like it :3 Speedpaint can be found here : If you like my work, feel free to become my patron to see exclusive works!

Challenge: Evcaa VS FaerieWarrior


  • Anonymous 2 Nov 2017

    Nice work! I can see some natural early talent with shading too

    FaerieWarrior 2 Nov 2017

    thanks :3

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