`Game =) `

`game on ;)`

`A half angel and half devil person.`

`Sketch Old Unknown Tomen`

`Game =) `


`Killer hand`

`S ;)`

`supernatural/super hero that isnt marvel or dc, there are more than you think`

`Not marvel /dc supernatural super hero.... Hell boy I hope rates ..curious to see who you have.and yes Surprised to see there are others..anyways accepted`


`B ;)`


`challenge accepted`


`challenge accepted`

`Hello ! So what do you think about this challenge are you ready?!`


`Game character =) `

`This is my wedding bride of India . A beautiful Indian Bride Drawing by me.`

`yandere only yandere (ヤンデレ): A term for a person who is initially loving and caring to someone they like a lot until their romantic love, admiration and devotion becomes feisty and mentally destructive in nature through either overprotectiveness, violence, brutality or all three combined. The term is a portmanteau of the words yanderu (病んでる), meaning (mentally or emotionally) ill, and deredere (でれでれ, "lovey dovey"), meaning to show genuinely strong romantic affection. Yandere characters are mentally unstable, incredibly deranged and use extreme violence or brutality as an outlet for their emotions. Yandere are usually, but not always, female characters`

` Enjoyed drawing this ..This has been there for quite a while so thought I would try and clear it ...`

`Forest landscape `

`This is an Oil Painting of a man who walks through the forest in a beautiful morning`

`Girl During Winter`


`Fairy tail squad `

`Hey! Challenge Accepted !`


`Zombie Shooter `

`Creepy =) `

`The Angel of Death`

`Against the light`


`Portrait =) `

`Portrait challenge accepted ;-)`

`Watercolor landscape`

`This is a Watercolor Painting done by using BLACK Watercolor and some little dark brown paint. It is about a man fishing on an evening along the river side. `

`A drawing of a Crying Eye`


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