`page 3`

`Page 3 ????`



`Mazda Artwork Challenge`

`I've never really tried to copy anyone, I like to have my own style. ...`

`A heart being taken`


`12th Doctor`


`Chevrolet Corvette`

`hi, I accept your challenge`

`Master mind`

`Master mind`


`More drawing`


`Radha Krishna`



`7th doctor`

`Lord Shiva`

`Dodge Viper`

`Its a 1968 dodge charger with red stripes at tail`

`Paul mcgann`

`Challenge accepted!`

`Rosario + vampire`

`Over the Dark`

`Monster music`



`Draw draw draw`

`tribute drawing`


`Big cat`

`Challenge accepted`

`Shady clouds`

`this is about space and mars.`

`TV presenter`

`Hi I just happen to have a news reader (my Fav )soooo good luck`

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