`the Rex attacks `

`Good luck `

`For fun =) `

`Just for fun ^^`

`For fun =)`

`good luck :)`

`Portrait =)`


`For fun =) `




`Horror Fanart`

`Pennywise 2019`


`comedy through the ages ..I am the start you will be the latest Good luck but hey another 10 challenge taken...`

`Samurai girl`

`Swords are drawn for a little challenge...`

`Unusual sculpture photo...is the challenge ..some thing different `

`Lets go again...`


`Humor is the best medicine and this time we need smiles and humor...stickin my neck out with old actors who no body knows but he was a great actor and comedian..soooooo...away we go.....`

`Scream queen`

`Show me your screamer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!`


`Not sure what kind of craft, but here's my symbiote sculpture`

`For fun =) `

`I had a lot of fun drawing this..:)`

`Playboy stars`

`the first ever cover girl for playboy Hefs fav girl...`

`T virus`

`Panic Panic panic !`

`Beautiful girl portrait =) `

`Pickin on young Emma to do battle Clear this challenge.....`

`Dark drawing =) `

`A tribute to a dark film!`

`For fun =) `

`Gotta love this fun little guy!`

`Drawing progression =) `


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