`Drawing progression =) `


`Give us your best cat and cat eyes`

`Let’s have fun with this challenge`

`Landscape Painting`



`The finger is pointed ..The challenge is accepted ,400 big ones .When one comes up against this sized prize you must have a good one, and I think I know who, but I wanted to clear this out of the challenges and the movie got me going ..Hey win this one and go up against my challenge for 400..That will make it just a real lot of inspirational fun...anyways win ,lose the game is at foot....`

`For fun =) `

`Love playing Tomb Raider for fun great character great game ...I am old, watta you expect...the fun is in the challenge...`

`For fun! =) `

`Fun Crayon Challenge`

`draw me a giraffe...stick your neck out and give us your best shot`

`Challenge has been accepted. Good luck mate `

`Just for fun! =) `

`Betta Merman based on my pets`

`Silent hill`


`Portrait =) `


`Colour pencil portrait =) `





`I think he is robotic hope so anyway...only robotic look alike I have it is in the eye of the beholder....`


`just a passing challenge for fun...this alien can slash I guess...will probably get slashed...`


`Hi - this is Eric the Golden Eagle. Afull size wooden replica that I built and which flies by radio control.Now 27 years old and still going well.`

`Eric draven`

`The Crow fanart`

`Doctor who villains only`

`"bit sketchy but it is a small challenge."..`



`Ice queen challenge`

`ok `


`The Savage Wendigo`

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