`Dodge Viper`

`Its a 1968 dodge charger with red stripes at tail`

`Paul mcgann`

`Challenge accepted!`

`Rosario + vampire`

`Over the Dark`

`Monster music`



`Draw draw draw`

`tribute drawing`


`Big cat`

`Challenge accepted`

`Shady clouds`

`this is about space and mars.`

`TV presenter`

`Hi I just happen to have a news reader (my Fav )soooo good luck`

`Icons fight`

`American Dragon VS Daredevil`

`Love Between Family Or Friends`

`My character loving on his kid`

`Mortal Kombat`


`nickolodeon actors/actress`

`I got 2 for 1`

`Urban landscape `

`uffff... landscape no found`

`Lets see your best Superman as a Christmas challenge, if your game ..And happy Christmas to all who enter( and follow and comment on my drawings)our art corner for this last time in 2019...and happy new year 2020 to one and all.. especially he who takes up this challenge...`

`now a frog......`

`Nissan GT-R`


`Stylized Portrait Real or Fictional Character`


`Famous race horse`

`y ahora ... un gato negro`


`This is my first challenge. Not sure exactly how it works but good luck!`


`just ... click`

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