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I'm a Gran Turismo Player and a Total Drama Fan came from DeviantArt to have myself settle in for a art retreat from my horrible mistakes when I felt scared. it's no fun by having Drama and Abuse that upsets me the most. as I'm new to Our Art Corner Art Site, I Hope I really don't want to have any mean comments that will affect my rep to get me panicking. I Run with my own Fan-Art Project called Vision Total Drama, The Next Chapter of Total Drama Fan-Art was born with Car Liveries from Gran Turismo Sport for 3 years. it was a lot of hard work with all the screenshots so I have to make it perfect and secure. The Rules I Have: No Special Total Drama Liveries allowed No Rude Comments Standard Total Drama Liveries are Eligible (Total Drama Characters Only) My YouTube Channel could have more artist to subscribe to my channel for helping me get to 1,000 as a goal achievement that I really need all the help and support I can get.

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