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`mermaid and jellyfish`

`This is my first challenge!`

`orxy antelope`

`Vrum mind is racing :))`



`Animal baby suckling his mother`


`Bunny drawing `



`Awesome drawing, mate! Good luck :)`

`Any drawing`

`:) `

`Any drawing`

`:) `

`star sign `

`good luck`

`colored pencil/animal skull `



`:) `

`Dinosaurs! `

`A great T-rex!`

`Ink drawing, animals/skulls`

`This is a dragon, so I thought it would work even though you asked for "animals". :) `

`anybody ever designed a book cover, if so is if you are up to the challenge!!!!!`

`:) `

`Draw a dinosaur! (It does not have to be Jurassic Park/World fan art, but it can if you'd like it to. :) )`

`:) `

`little birdie`

`:) `

`monotype print/house`


`Birds color or black and white`

`A picture of a gull I took in Europe.`

`Book cover art challenge`

`:) `


`:) `

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