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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-08-08


Done with 0.5mm B2 pencil and graphite on A6 paper.

Challenge: arobinart VS Moisa Catalin


  • Tomas 14 Aug 2015

    Nicely done! amazing details! really like it ;)

  • Crossoverdude 8 Aug 2015

    woah this looks so realistic O_O

  • Helera 8 Aug 2015

    it's wonderfull

  • TheHyperChick 18 Aug 2015

    This is really cool. The dragonfly is a really striking image

  • einsteinsdog 15 Aug 2015

    Outstanding! The precision, and metallic sheen match my mental image of dragonflies as sophisticated robots.

  • Spideecartoon 8 Aug 2015

    Awesome job

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