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I'm a student from Germany and see art as a very important hobby. It's creation and meditation for me and I like to experiment a lot. I've successfully passed my Abitur - the German A-levels - in 2015 and am now studying Biology at University. You can find me on deviantArt, too. My username there is also Mutantenfisch.

`Friends portrait`

`Good luck!`

`Lord of the rings `

`The Hobbit`

`Tribute piece`

`Tribute to Frederick Leighton`

`Mass effect`

`Dragon Age`

`Beautiful girl =) `

`Good luck!`

`VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS - Any video game character/characters in any style.`

`My Dovahkiin for you. Good luck!`

`Star Wars `

`Princess Leia smiling for you. ;)`


`Good luck. `

`An artwork that has a story behind it. `


`Fanart (League of Legends)`

`Fanart Dragon Age`

`Focused on a person! Good luck~`

`Accepted. Good luck to you, too. `

`lets do this`

`Been there, done that. :D`

`Think you can best my character? `

`Good luck! :D`


`Does fire-bending count?`

`Original Character`

`Good luck. :D`

`Video Games (General) Characters, Locations, props.`

`Solas from "Dragon Age: Inquisition". I hope that's somehow near to what you had in mind. Good luck! :D`

`portrait color`

`Good luck. :D`

`Roses in pastel only, or pastel works`

`Sorry, no roses, but entirely drawn with pastels. I hope that's okay for you.`

`I love drawing portraits. Who else does? `

`Me too! ♥ Have some Dorian Pavus from Dragon Age here. :D`


`Good luck!`

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