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Angry Elf Judging You

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2016-11-28


I know, stupid title is stupid. Have some colour and face painting study of an angry Dragon Age elf here.

Challenge: Songquill VS Mutantenfisch


  • hubert perron 28 Nov 2016

    well done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous 28 Nov 2016

    I love this game. And your drawing is cool. But i dont know something about digital drawing. I'm oldschool. ;D

    Mutantenfisch 30 Nov 2016

    Thank you very much, dear anon. I think BioWare has turned me into a lunatic and I'm not even sorry 'bout that. Well, the drawing itself was done with graphite pencils. I've just added the colouring in GIMP, since I love painting dark, bronze-ish skin.

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