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I'm begining artist who still look for my own style :3 Feel free to critique if you notice some mistakes in my works and my english :P

`WIP half way finished`

`Hi c:`

`Dark scene`

`Windmill at midnight`


`Hunger for victory xD Good luck!`


`Good luck `




`I dunno what I'm doing but my pic looks like kindred reflections? Lol jk `

`Girl with red hat`

`How about a girl with red hair?`

`Black & White picture w looking like it tell some storry`

`Good luck!`

`Head without body.`

`I hope this is what you mean`

`Tortured but proud looking soul/person.`

`accepted (even though its probably not good enough)`

`A castle floating in the sky`

`abandoned floating castle on island :)`



`Someone Very Weird`

`I guess maybe it fits the subject...? (with horns and eyes and all xD) `

`Ugly/ Scary Head.`

`Let the best ugliest win :P`


`Naked beauty x6 :3`

`Floaating island`

`Floating high above in the sky.`

`Clothed furry =^● ⋏ ●^=`


`A digital portrait thats not you `

`technically it is portrait in some way the char in that game wear this mask most of the time so it counts right ?? :D`

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