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Day 6: Kindred

By Elfios
Type: digital art Uploaded: 2016-07-10


My friend asked me to draw her so I did :P

Challenge: Elfios VS Jen


  • Anaru_LST 22 Aug 2016

    Very good and creative I love it. Still seems like you could have worked on it longer to refine this and that. The hooves seem really small and the fur could have used a different brush. Still 5/5 in comparison to the usual on this site.

  • Anonymous 10 Jul 2016

    Good work, I tried digital art and did not realise how hard it is so well done

    Elfios 11 Jul 2016

    It's hard only when you start. I bought my tablet and after 3 years I've made only 200 artworks on it (yes I'm counting all of them.) first year I barely touched it.but when you get used to it, learn techniques etc , it's really fast. I did this in one hour. year ago it'd took me 3-4 hours. Summing up everything it's easy if you just practice a little. the hardest thing is getting though first stage (controls)

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