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Elderly Life

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2024-05-15


The hands are excessively small, I know. Someday, when I possess a better grasp on proportions, I will redraw this with a more proportionate hand-to-head ratio. A concept drawing of what Roger would look like as an elder. I may improve upon this in time and make him look more obviously elderly. He's supposed to be in his early-to-mid 60s in this illustration. It's based upon a story of mine where, at the end, Beckham asks Roger's Predictor Machine to showcase what Roger's life is like as an elder and this is the first image in the entire scene that pops up. I added a simple background, a blurry showcase of the living room within the dining room, to make this scene feel less empty. It was originally not supposed to include it at all since I imagined it as an extreme close-up, akin to the Existential Crisis drawing, but I decided that since I utilized this composition, I would add a more scenic background to it. Thank you for viewing and I hope you have a wonderful day!


  • shreecreators May 18

    what is this

    Grimmgall 20h

    ...A drawing of my fursona, a feathered velociraptor, as an elderly man enjoy a cup of tea? Is there a problem with the drawing, perhaps?

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