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Eagle Dancer Sketch in Progress 2

By Khobe
Type: digital art Uploaded: 2016-04-16


Digital fine art painting


  • Crystal Jones 19 Apr 2016

    Great work ! I love it !!!

    Khobe 19 Apr 2016

    Thank you for this appreciative comment.

  • didier1961 18 Apr 2016

    verry nice work............. :-)

    Khobe 18 Apr 2016

    Thanks, very glad you like this artwork though it's not yet finished.

  • guscarlet 17 Apr 2016

    Very detailed. Thumbs up!!

    Khobe 17 Apr 2016

    Thanks for your comment but like I often say I suggest details more than I make them. This is an old and forgotten technique of the masters.

  • bielebny 16 Apr 2016

    Great !

    Khobe 16 Apr 2016

    Thanks a lot for your appreciation.

  • Strovey 16 Apr 2016

    Great stuff again. I really like this one, I love that it is 'greyscale' and the background, One of my favourites for sure.

    Khobe 16 Apr 2016

    Thank you, I'm preparing a tutorial on sketching and I want this camaïeu to be the subject or either part of it, but haven't decided yet the extent I will use this painting for that project.

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