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Carissa Rose is a traditional artist from Chicago IL. She specializes in high contrast pencil portraits and colorbomb watercolor paintings. She is inspired by underground and tattoo culture. She sells original paintings, prints, and more in her etsy store:

`Girl portrait (graphite)`

`graphite pencils on paper`


`Sharpie markers and white colored pencils with white acrylic paint for highlights`

`Rainbow Portrait - Must include all colors of the rainbow and be a human portrait.`


`Clown girl painting`

`good luck ^^ I hope that you don't mind challeging with me =)`

`Rainbow animal painting`

`lets do it!`


`So, it's my little unicorns`



`Pop art animal challenge`

`Hi! Good Luck and Have Fun!`


`Sharpie skull drawing`

`Marylin Monroe`

`Marilyn with Sharpies and white acrylic paint`

`girl portrait`

`Epiphany Pencil drawing`

`Sugar Skull Girl`


`Rainbow Painting`



`I'm just desperate to get the points for doing 3 challenges :)`

`Sugar Skull Girl`



`In A Trance, Pencil illustration`


`My puppy crash`


`Sugar Skull Mermaid`

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