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Neon Death III

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-04-09


Sharpie markers on bristol board paper. Check out the time lapse video of the creation of this piece on youtube:

Challenge: Tuamatam VS neverdieart


  • Oscarlira 11 Sep 2015

    Impresive shading and Great combination of colors

  • Eddieblz 19 Aug 2015

    This is a very cool concept. Love the line work.

  • Jan Spicka 8 Aug 2015

    Love the skull:D

  • Marulikeslamas 19 Aug 2015

    i like how you combed the two colours to make this purplish colour.

  • tigerlily 13 Aug 2015

    really cool, i love the shapes and colors

  • Tuamatam 10 Aug 2015

    Great job :)

  • Haya-Haya 7 Aug 2015

    I like the shadows... and the green gives to the skull a great toxic-poison-like theme.. that (for me) it's nice indeed...

  • Mutantenfisch 1 Jul 2015

    I love the colours and the cross hatching. Well done!

  • NirmtwarKs 10 Apr 2015

    I really love it!!! <3 Good video!

  • VedR1109 10 Apr 2015

    Good job.

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