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Hi, my name is Michał Wójcicki. I have always been interested in all forms of art, especially associated with fantasy. I've always loved artistic works of Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo, Wojciech Siudmak and many other Masters of fantasy art. In my own paintings, drawings, etc. my greatest inspiration is music. Feel free to watch my website: and check my youtube channel:

`JRR Tolkien´s inspiration`

`Here is my Tolkien's inspiration`

`Pendant craft`

`Good luck!`

`Traditional art inspired by Hayao Miyazaki.`

`Good luck!`

`S.F. movies`

`Good luck!`

`undead challenge`

`Good luck!`

`Create your perfect demon or angel! `

`Good luck!`

`Traditional drawing of animal.`

`It's my traditional drawing of animal`

`Most relaxing landscape?`

`Here is my favorite landscape, inspired by scenery of Roztocze National Park in Poland.`

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