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Nightmare Lord

Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-06-05


After hours of practicing with watercolors i was able to figure out how to shade :D YEEEEES!! This is my OC wakuamaru, hes a Nephilim of a rare breed called the "star children". This is waku's demon form. For those who do not recognize the word Nephilim, its a child born from the parents of one human and other is a fallen angel.

Challenge: PsychoZH VS Verton93


  • ElenaAE 27 Aug 2015

    WOW! amazing!

  • Selenia714 13 Aug 2015

    Simply amazing, I love the style and detail! Five stars!

  • terrycurley 13 Aug 2015

    WOW - Amazing details. Colors are fabulous. Great art!

  • LLLUC 21 Jul 2015

    Oh my god! Thats amazing!I love the colours and the structure! Great Work :)

  • Kana Go 6 Jul 2015

    Nice! Love the colours!

  • Hatshj 4 Jul 2015

    Very good painted

  • KhayalGhorban 3 Jul 2015

    His wings look like a sky full of stars, beautiful :) And not so long ago I also used the Nephilim motive in one of my novels ^^

  • ScarlettWolf24 29 Jun 2015

    whoa, I love the wings and just the entire design :O it's amazing, great job!

  • Colored-pencil 6 Jun 2015

    this is intense :D

  • ScarlettWitch93 6 Jun 2015


  • silentwolf9876 5 Jun 2015

    Love the colors! Love everything about it! You my friend have done beyond what words can express! ^3^

  • Anonymous 5 Jun 2015

    Woooow!this drawing is very nice!

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