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I'm just 19 old student here in Finland. It has been a year that I have taken pics passionately. Before that I was passionate drawer/painter. Still I like to do them but the photography is my real passion right now. You can find me here also:


`yay :)`

`Horror and macabre`

`creature from my mind`



`Jumping person.`


`Let's have fun`

`hope you have fun :D`

`Scary shadow`


`Tree in a black an white style`


`Let's have fun :)`

`just having fun, nothing serious ^^ just look at my horse though :D`

`Water reflection`

`yay reflection challenge!`


`just having fun, nothing serious ^^`

`Winter ladscape`

`Let's begin! ;)`




`the crazy eyes to challenge you. :)`


`lot's of little trees. :)`

`Colored clouds`

`Hi let's see what happens.`





`ink drawing`

`:) Goodluck!`





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