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Spicy bubble

By Ramur
Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-09-01


Sorry I haven't been posting for the longest time. I have my matriculation examination going on the school so that's keeping me busy. I have still worked with my art now and then. Now I finally "have" time to post it. Also going to post older art work when I have time. This one got it inspiration from my older work so this is the remake of it. It's super crappy and old so I won't post it here

Challenge: Rodaina VS Ramur


  • Spideecartoon 2 Sep 2015

    Cool art. Well done

  • cruey 2 Sep 2015

    It provokes a creepy feeling which is good because any good art is provocative! The colour scheme is also nice and the blue around the subject contrasts well with the colours of your background. I especially like the blue and purple tones you used on her leg wear.

  • IrondoomDesign 1 Sep 2015

    Nice colors

  • Anonymous 1 Sep 2015

    very colourful, very nice :)

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