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The Home Of Adventures Mark and Leelas Treehouse

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2021-03-29


Been wanting to do this for a while back in 2016 I drew a similar picture showcasing Mark and Leelas treehouse wanted to redo it. So here it is all it’s detail Marks shows can be seen dangling in the tree thought are a pair of his old shoes he threw up there. they meant something to him because he wore them when he first met Leela. Somethings not seen here is at the base of the stairs is a time capsule they buried at the end of 1st grade inside are random things from their first adventure and notes they wrote to their future selves. It’s not to be opened for 20 years which means that according to their time line would be about 2020. Another thing you can’t see is behind their treehouse is a little pond it freezes over in the winter and they like to slide around on it. I’ve never really figured it out but this treehouse is located out in the woods a little south east of the Parkers home at the end of there street. Later on Mark and Leela transform this spot and build a treehouse home of there own in the woods maybe I will add that to this one day well enjoy 2021

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