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Type: painting Uploaded: 2016-12-11


Pottery painting I made for a loved one as Christmas gift


  • hubert perron 11 Dec 2016

    great job !!!!!!!!!!

    guscarlet 11 Dec 2016

    Thank you very much!!!! Haven't seen you post new art work for a long time, hope all is well.

  • Hill's Beverly Creative 23 Jan 2017

    I like the way you have broken the piece into three stripes. The blue and yellow for the sky and the brown for the ground The tree and the couple are showcased by this and the emotion is apparent ! Keep up the good work !

    guscarlet 27 Jan 2017

    Thank you very much!!!

  • Fran Lafferty 11 Dec 2016

    Nice rhythm! :D

    guscarlet 11 Dec 2016

    Thank you very much!!!!!

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