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  • Jan Spicka 10 Jan 2016

    good work

  • kitten_500 4 Feb 2016

    Very well done

  • hubert perron 10 Jan 2016

    magnificent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trigemini 3 Dec 2015

    Oh, it's near realistic!

  • lewman 18 Dec 2015

    This is very good! though it is curious that the rest of the picture is blurry and has less detail (the scarf is particularly messy though this all could be intentional?) the face is very well toned and colored. Great work!

  • Anonymous 5 Apr 2016

    Adorable, especially the eyes.

  • CloudZenith 22 Sep 2015

    Very interesting use of skin tones- you nailed it. (and a side note, i've tried drawing babies.. It didn't turn out well. I envy you)

  • hgardin 3 Sep 2015

    Great rich colour, especially the skin tones. Much of the digital art I see here just looks grey. Good proportions and composition as well.

  • Briver 2 Sep 2015

    Looks almost like a picture

  • MC Chen 2 Sep 2015

    Great work!

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