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A Moment Suspended in Time

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2015-07-12


YouTube Video: Hii everyone!! ^_^ These are my two characters Alix and Blade and they are from my graphic novel project called Reflections Through Time. I apologize for not uploading too often. I have been having a bit of an art block lately, so I have been having trouble with thinking of what to draw and what sort of pose ideas. But I've been practicing when I can, and I have also been working on scripts for my graphic novel! >v< I was inspired to draw these two from a little scene I wrote. I used this picture as a reference for the pose:


  • LadyoftheApocalypse 13 Sep 2015

    Very nicely done. I like the shadows of the tree leaves on them!

  • Doodle-For-Adventure 14 Jul 2015

    This is cute remids me a little of my charcters:)

  • Ravido 12 Jul 2015

    Cool, I think they need cast shadow cause they on the ground ^^

  • Cola 12 Jul 2015

    this is great.. you would make a great graphic novel!!

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