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Love between mother, father, friends can be done Pls make something art prize like gouache, oil paint if you want

Suggested by Arpita Priyadarshini1


Its all about winter .. as ex festival like Christmas, santa,.. winter landscape , food etc

Suggested by Art lover

A fantasy character

i think there is a bunch of ways to be creative with a fantasy character

Suggested by PuppycornSharanya


How about painting a landscape which relaxes/refreshes your mind? Take an example as A Sunset scenario with pinky sky, orange clouds.

Suggested by Dreamy Robin

A fantasy character

I think a fantasy character can be anything creative but we can prefer them to be some kind of person,animal or a Bird or something that's living but we can also make nature ....I think it should be based on something that has or can gain a character

Suggested by Jasmin Mohapatra-X-D-17

Self love

It's my be ur pic , self love and importance

Suggested by Art lover

Still life things

To sketch a product or thing we see in daily life. Eg: A paint tube on a desk, a pencil and rubber, etc. Just normal things

Suggested by Dreamy Robin


Time is very precious..clock....Time and tide wait for none..

Suggested by Harshitha Jawahar

My favorite anime charecter or charecters

Hi everyone anime is like another universe so you can draw any character you want

Suggested by jaden yuki


we are all hiding something, how about you?

Suggested by peanut_bee


May be it's Christmas tree, Santa , lights decoration etc...

Suggested by Art lover

Emotions in Rain

It is almost the end of summer . Rani is the emotions in which people can feel the rain according to their moods how about describing our feeling through rainy season,

Suggested by 10 Asma khatoon

Halloween 2020

Hey everyone, it's almost Halloween after all, so make it a spooky theme! Guess everyone could use some distraction from- COVID19 sh**t- Do something traditional, or old school, anything goes! But most of all, have fun !!

Suggested by TWINS2


A contest for people to draw their favorite cartoons of all time. This can be kid friendly or adult cartoons- depending on the person.

Suggested by

Shree Ram

Jay Shree Ram

Suggested by Jadui Duniya

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