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Group Fantasy Art


Boring wimp dreamer. Admire nature and strange characters.

`girl with red hair`


`the sea`




`Girl portrait `

`Good Luck!`


`let's start;)`

`sketch of swan`

`lets start;)`

`Sea sketch (graphite pencils, please!)`

`lets start:)`

`sparkly and dazzling can you make an artwork that shows this without it looking to much everywhere? `

`lets start:)`

`your own charater`

`Let me present you my dear Mélanie =)`

`man's portrait`

`I hope you like this ^^`


`Boom, mountains!`


`lets start:)`


`Let's start:)`

`Fantasy creature covered in fur.`

`Let's start:)`

`Favorite Musician`

`Let's start:)`

`Female portrait`

`Let's start:)`

`Creature from a book/legend/novel/history/...`

`lets start:)`


`Let's start:)`


`let's start:)`


`um. no idea what to say`

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