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I consider myself a beginner artist, who is trying to figure out how to make art a full time career. I took every art class when I was in high school and by the time I was a junior , 6-out of my 8 classes where somehow related to art. I love to draw and do portrait work. I took a break from art for quite a while , because I had some major depression issues, but now that I am back to doing art more and more- I feel so much happier. I am taking classes online to improve my anatomy drawings, working with colored pencils and watercolors - and even a class in the digital arts. I want to learn and improve my art, so any help or tips I can get from anyone is greatly appreciated. :)

`Portrait drawing`

`it's a portrait of a fictional character but a portrait nonetheless ;) good luck!`

`Rose `

`I don't know what to say. lol. `

`Drawings of any kind`


`Drawings of any kind. `

`My drawing!`

`Any type of drawing ( and colored pencil medium too) .`

`Lions Colored Pencil Drawing`

`Drawing of your choice , challenged against the drawing of my choice. :) just for fun. :) `

`A Jaguar drawing`

`Portrait Art`


`Progresión of a work `

`I hope this is what you meant by your challenge. Sorry if it wasn't what you meant. `

`Progresión of a work`

`I hope this is what you meant, by your challenge. Sorry if it wasn't . `

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