pencil recreations vs trevorp

`the Rex attacks `

`Good luck `


  • trevorp May 10

    Well done Nev - you have beat me at my own 'game.' NB;- Guess that I will need to raise the bar much higher. Plan on doing some even more detailed artwork as I believe that will enable me to boost my ratings. Keep up the great work. Will post some new artworks shortly and may consider another challenge later on. Cheers from Trev :-)

    pencil recreations May 11

    Hi Trev just put a few words on one of your earlier drawings and I have said I was lucky ..after cruising and seeing more of the dino artwork in your gallery have some beautifully drawn Dinos amongst so much else .Simply great to revisit your work..You don't need to raise the bar just keep up the fabulous art you produce and as for another challenge down the track ..I will hold you to that my friend ianyways it all goes back to how the voters see it as was proved by my Snake vs gentleman challenge ..same gentleman drawing and it went with Snake .......I just entered a few challenges to clear the huge list that is there..and so happy to see more entries in the yellow game .. maybe you can put in an entry ..WIll continue to be your number one fan and will wait to see your next creation...Yes cheers Trev ...Nev

  • pencil recreations Apr 6

    Hi Trev, Well on it goes, and the beach awaits ...Hope all is still well in your neck of the woods, we are still well, sinuses rattled me for a while but gone again.. every thing really quiet at the moment, the air here is making my ears ring... at least the covid has not got into the country towns although still aways to go.. ...trying times said will track down a beach and let you know when posted .Stay safe Nev

    trevorp Apr 7

    Hi again Nev. Guess that our beach challenge can wait until you are fully ready to go! Am still managing despite the COVID-19 drama. Glad you and yours are doing okay.It is a real challenge with social distancing - even though still at home a lot of the time -eventually you have to go out in public. Keep doing artwork - as that helps ease the tension and the drama.

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