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The Rex attacks

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2020-03-07


A little stone age fun put together on a totally foreign subject ...

Challenge: pencil recreations VS trevorp


  • dnprostudio Mar 11

    great work

    pencil recreations Mar 11

    thanks again DN,me and Trev are having a friendly challege check it out and vote on the one you like... he is really good...and this one will be tight oh and vote on others to clear the slow back log..thanks ..Nev hey DN whats Your first name

  • Liquorel Mar 13

    Damn you are so talented, I think you're the one who should win all the challenges ^^ I really love the angles and shadings ! And of course the dinosaur's movement and proportions are perfectly presented ! Very well done :)

    pencil recreations Mar 20

    You make me feel so good but hey I am not the best but I try so thank you for the huge pat on the back I will run with that will wait for your challenge s but till then will enjoy your art .. Hope you are well and safe amid this covid time ..stay safe nev

  • trevorp Mar 12

    Nice work Nev - both your dinosaurs look great. Glad this challenge is now off and running. Looks very tight ATM. Hard to say whose drawing will win - as it is very close in the voting stakes. It will be interesting to see how this particular challenge will ultimately turn out :-)

    pencil recreations Mar 20

    Your Dinos are as fine as always to Trev.such small detail....I kinda thought yours would be as they were so I went a little bit fuller in attack...and as I said up till I last looked it was evens and yes it will be interesting ..I am enjoying these little challenges.. lost a few since I started won a couple since then...Staying home increases the chances of drawing more at least that is something....and thank you for your nice comment... Have added to these dinos with a little color and background ..might have used that drawing but until the challenge is over will hold it out till then.. Your Daisy continues to hold center stage...We have a group who is supporting us so hope that continues ..anyways stay safe..Nev

    pencil recreations Mar 22

    Hi trev Things are tighting up in the real world, and apparently borders to close by tuesday or sooner had last church service for a while this morning ,and a lawn grub invasion of pandemic size and to add to that sinuses are moving with a sneeze or two much cooler weather of a night ,so self isolation is now the norm.. and staying home as much as possible ..Oh well more drawing time I guess and our challenge is still neck and neck... Just found this comment and thought I would add to it hope all is still well in your neck of the woods ......

    trevorp Mar 22

    I always enjoy drawing dinosaurs - using very small & fine detail. Think that our Dino Challenge will be very close in the end - so it will be extremely hard to predict the overall outcome. Am very sure that more time to spend indoors (away from people) should equate with more drawings ;- so will try to produce some more artwork in the next few weeks. Hoping that you and all your family will remain Corona Free - throughout the weeks and months that lie ahead. Cheers from Trev

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